Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tartare again

Bourg-Saint-Maurice, July 10, 2016— 

WHAT AN INTERESTING day in this mountain tourist town! Street parade; musicians and dancers from manyy countries, Euro Cup final — but this blog's about Eating.

But where, in a town you don't know, to eat; especially when you're in the company of two friends who are excellent cooks and in fact chefs themselves? We sauntered up and down the street, then settled for one that seemed modest in its ambitions, likely satisfying in its performance. 

Here I had Tartare de boeuf Charolais au couteau preparé, with a nice little green salad and a small bowl of very good house-made potato chips. 

I prefer my Tartare in the classic style: a mound of chopped (or, better, scraped) raw beef surrounded by little piles of capers, chopped shallots, perhaps chopped gherkins, and topped with a raw egg, with some mustard on the side. 

This was served already mixed. The beef was good, and undoubtedly knife-minced, not ground; and the other ingredients were certainly there, in the right proportion. Nothing to complain about, and good salad and chips.

Gamay, Jongieux (Savoie), old vines, 2015
 Le Refuge, 55, Grande-Rue, Bourg-St.-Mauriice, Savoie; +33 (0)4 79 07 52 54

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