Thursday, July 14, 2016

Favorite plates

Les Houches, Haute-Savoie, July 5, 2016— 

NOT A WALKING day, for reasons that have nothing really to do with eating every day. A train-and-bus day, resulting in lunnch in Samoëns; dinner a few miles away in les Houches.

Lunch was something I was craving, something I really like, one of the Hundred Plates: Greek salad. The lettuce was superb, that substantial, silky, tasty thing that has to be grown in good soil, tended carefully, not over-watered — and a good varietal to begin with.

There were also of course "Greek" olives, that eggplant color, good-sized, flavorful; and bits of raw red onion, and little cubes of feta, and very tasty tomatoes — tomatoes have been uniiformly good these last few days.

Roussette de Savoie, Jean Perrier et fils, vintage? 

Dinner was a little strange, in our hotel, whose restauurant looked about as good as any other we saw in the village.

There I had the plat du jour, gnocchi de pomme de terre aux épinards, (fabrication artisinal), sauce Gorgonzola. The gnocchi themselves were very nice, but the sauce seeemed to me a little bit gluey. 
Dessert was a clafoutis, with cherries as is proper, and served with whipped cream (I really should say creme Chantilly) and pastry cream (I really should say creme patissiere), and it was delicious.

Rosé, Alzitella (Corsica), vintage?
Hotel St.-Antoine, Les Houches, Haute-Savoie

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