Monday, July 18, 2016

Finalmente in Italia

Chiomonte, Italy, July 18, 2016—

AFTER TWO OR THREE weeks eating in Savoie, with lots of sausage and of course the remarkable Beauforts, tommes, and reblochons, it is a pleasure to be once again in Italy. The cuisine of Piemonte can be just as heavy — after all, this was once Savoy too — but there's a deftness, a lightness, a sharp edge that I love, and that is quite missing across the border.

I lunched a bit on the heavy side, I suppose, beginning with the typical antipasto of this area — Bruschetta with anchovies In green sauce (parsley, bread, hot chilli pepper, garlic); Vitello Tonnato; Tomino (delicious ricotta) with Red Sauce (vinegar, garlic, bread, ketchup); Salame Cotto; Tongue with green sauce. 

After this, spaghetti with Sicilian pesto, which involves almonds, tomato, garlic, and basil. E basta cosi.

Arneis del Langhe, 2015

Dinner was simpler: a plate of gnocchi di ricotta; a mixed salad; gelato al limon, and the rest of the bottle of Arneis. Delicious.

Ristoranta affitacamere al Cantoun, via Ramats 12, Chiomonte (TO), Italy; 0122 54339

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