Saturday, July 2, 2016

Provincial French hotel

La Chapeelle d'Abondance, July 1, 2016==
FRIDAY NIGHT: A "Martini" before dinner. I asked Madame for a "martini americain," and she had no idea how it was done. She got down a bottle of red Martini vermouth; I pointed at the white. A little bit of that, I said, and (pointing at a bottle of Gordons gin) the normal amount of that . Ice cubes. The result was not a Martini, but it was very nice.  
Then dinner: a ham-cheese gratinee with green salad; a pork chop smothered in good milk-based gravy, broccoli on the side; local cheese (Reblochon, Abondance, tomme);  creme brulee: very good. I love provincial French  mom-and-pop hotels. Mom waited on us; pop cooked.
Bottle of Apremont.

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