Thursday, July 21, 2016

Return to known quantities

Mompantero, Valsusa, Italy, July 20, 2016—

DINNER OUT TONIGHT with my Piemontese friends in a neighborhood restaurant outside of Susa.

Entering the restaurant I remembered having eaten there well three yesrs ago —and, as it turns out, almost identically: I opened with melon and prosciutto, then went on to braciola di maiale. As before, this was a thin pork chop, generous in size, simply cooked with  only salt and a quarter lemon to flavor it. 

I added a very discreet drizzle of very piquant chili pepper-infused olive oil, as the cook is Calabrian. 

Roero Arneis, Parvo, San Silvestre Cantine, 2013 (a little too old); Dolcetto, Manfredi (Langhe), 2014: delicious. 

 Ristorante Rocciamelone, Monpantero, Susa

DESSERT in town: gelati al limon, crema, and fior di latte, with fine panna montata. 

La Bottega del gelato, Piazza San Giusto, Susa

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