Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Last dinner at home for a while

Eastside Road, June 27, 2016

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE for dinner tonight, Cook asked — a significant and affectionate query, since it my last dinner at home for a month. I don't know, I said, something light, and simple. How about grilled cheese sandwiches?

She makes them on buttered Como bread from the Downtown Bakery, with sharp cheddar cheese and onions — tonight, cipollini: a treat. With them, broccoli; afterward, green salad. And then peaches and cream!

Cheap Pinot grigio

Monday, June 27, 2016

Terrapin Crossroads

IMG 7903IMG 7904
San Rafael, June 23, 2016—
OUF, THIS IS NO WAY to prepare for a strenuous week. Don't get me wrong: I do not complain about the kitchen. We like this restaurant. But I was seduced by a menu item, and ordered it without heeding the description…

First, though, I started with a very nice salad, described by our waitress as "compressed watermelon" with cucumber and feta cheese. The chunks of watermelon had probably been set under a weighted plate for a while, to drain them of superfluous fluid; it's a nice way to deal with what can be a recalcitrant ingredient.

The lemon cucumbers were firm and meaty, no compression needed. The salad was strewn with sprouts of some kind — after all, this is a restaurant whose roots are in the 1960s. (It's owned by Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead). Thankfully not too many sprouts, and just the right sprinkle of feta crumbs. And a few Padrones, my first of the year…

My temptress was steak-frites. The fine print: "12 ounces." It was grilled just to my specification — rare, not slimy — and needed only a bit of salt. The asparagus was also perfectly grilled, still crisp but definitely cooked; and the fries were tasty as well. But three quarters of a pound of rich beef is too much for me these days…

Which didn't keep me from driving the nail home with dessert: "doughnuts" — lacking the central holes, they were in fact crullers, I say — with an excellent texture and very cleanly fried, and accompanied by chocolate sauce, caramel, and a fine pastry cream. As I say, we like this restaurant.

Pinot gris, Acrobat (Willamette Valley), 2013: fresh, light, pleasant; Zinfandel, Steele (Mendocino), 2010: note the vintage — mature, fruity, rich, alcoholic

•Terrapin Crossroads, 100 Yacht Club Drive, San Rafael, California; (415) 524-2773

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Sausage; strawberries

IMG 7963
Eastside Road, June 26, 2016—
I MENTIONED STRAWBERRIES the other day. Yesterday, at the Healdsburg Farm Market, Cook bought them from two different farmers: Renee Kiff, whose radishes, lettuces, and melons are among our favorites (and who is a warm and witty columnist in the local newspaper, the Healdsburg Tribune, Enterprise and Scimitar), and Lou Preston, whose wines are also among our favorites, and who bakes bread as good as anyone's, and then he makes pickles, and sauerkraut, and grows all sorts of vegetables…

Enough. Cook turned those berries into a shortcake today, but complained that they were too dry. Well, it was one hundred degrees today, and not a trace of moisture in the air; you can forgive strawberries drying out a bit in this weather.

Renee's strawberries were a variety new to us, Tribute, nice-looking but tasting, I thought, like the commercial strawberries I never really appreciated — they taste like mostly citric acid to me, though better palates than mine respond much more positively. Lou had some Mara des bois, the go-to strawberry these days, but Cook had bought another variety whose name I don't recall.

I noticed we all managed to eat our shortcake. Earlier, we'd enjoyed Franco Dunn's sweet Italian sausages, grilled over rosemary and grape and rose wood on the patio, and green beans cooked with onions and shallots, and the obligatory green salad.

Cheap Pinot grigio; Garnacha/Monastrell, Laya (Almansa), 2014

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Flounder again

Eastside Road, June 25, 2016—
A MODIFIED REPEAT of dinner a week ago. It's Saturday; we went to the Farm Market in Healdsburg this morning, and there we found the flounder again.

Cook dredged it in flour tonight, as she did last week, and fried it in butter, in the black iron skillet. I think I've rarely tasted fish so fresh, so delicate, so delicious. I remember fish bought on the beach in Tahiti, fish that changes color an hour after being caught: this was that fresh.

With it, English peas, cooked simply; afterward, green salad, the vinaigrette made with lemon juice instead of the usual vinegar.

Rosé: La Ferme Julien, 2014

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Baked eggs

IMG 7944\
Eastside Road, June 24, 2016—

AFTER LAST NIGHT, I told Cook, I want to eat light. And what, she reasonably asked, would "light" be? Well, I said, nothing rich, nothing heavy, just a little bit to tide us over.

Eggs, she said, brightly. So she peeled and cut up a couple of potatoes and boiled them and mashed them with some garlic and some dill, and she got a jar of her tomato confit down from the pantry.

The confit went into the bottom of baking dishes, and a couple of eggs got broken over the confit, and the dishes went into the toaster-oven for a short while. Well, actually, I don't know how long a while. I was busying myself with the Martini shaker.

Green salad afterward, you can be sure, and ice cream, with caramel sauce… nice to have a pastry chef in the house…

Rosé, La Ferme Julien,

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Eating simple

IMG 7890
Eastside Road, June 22, 2016—

JUST A COINCIDENCE, but tonight's supper might have been a nod to the looming British vote: banger and mash.

The banger, though, is one of Franco Dunn's Toscana sausages, a far remove from your typical British sausage. Cook mashed the potatoes with a bit of milk, I believe, and a couple of cloves of garlic. Green salad afterward, and Bob's your uncle.

Red blend, Preston of Dry Creek: delicious. I'm sorry it's all gone.

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Back to the café

IMG 7870
Berkeley, June 21, 2016—

LUNCH IN TOWN with a friend on tour from Japan, and why not meet in the café? And you know I cannot resist brandade in any form.

Here it was on the menu, disguised as a delicious pizzetta, with a perfect balance of brandade and tomato sauce and a fine sprinkling of marjoram. You can't do a lot better.

Especially if you follow it up with a galette. Apricots are in full season, and an apricot galette is not to be declined. A complementary sherbet doesn't hurt!

House Zinfandel
•Café Chez Panisse, 1517 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley; 510-548-5525
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