Monday, April 20, 2015

Soup and sausage

Eastside Road, April 18, 2015—
YES, SATURDAY EVENING supper in front of the telly, and a very nice supper it is.

It begins, as you see, with the end of that delicious Portuguese soup-not-stew from last week, with a glass of rosé. It then continued with Franco Dunn's "Marema" sausages, cooked outside over fruitwood cuttings. These are very soft sausages, with potato and pork, flavored with Chianti, salt, sugar, garlic, and chilies; and they are delicious and delicate; I wouldn't serve a red wine with them.

Green salad afterward — the first in quite a while, and welcome — and then fruit and a piece of chocolate. And a good movie (Tokyo Story : every child of aging parents should see it!)
Cheap Italian rosé: Grifone, nv (a little too sweet and not entirely authentic-tasting)

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