Monday, April 20, 2015

Soup and pasta

Eastside Road, April 19, 2015—
OKAY, JUST ONE last photo, I promise you, of that finally no longer inexhaustible soup from can't-remember-how-many days ago. The flavors were the deepest and most intense tonight, of course; this was truly a delicious soup, and the next time Cook makes it a promise to get the recipe.

And afterward we had fettuccine with grated lemon zest and grated bottarga. We first met bottarga — tuna roe which is dried and sold as a solid block — on a visit we made to Sardinia nearly thirty years ago — a tour I've often thought back to, full of culinary delights and others as well. We bought our current block of bottarga last fall at Slow Food's biennial exhibition in Torino; it keeps forever in the refrigerator.

Green salad, an apple, a Pixie tangerine, a couple of squares of chocolate. What more could you want?

Cheap Italian rosé, as yesterday
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