Friday, April 17, 2015


Berkeley, April 17, 2015—
NOT A LOT to report today, other than an absolutely delicious sandwich, so substantial nothing else was needed until the evening's mixed nuts and Martini.

On Facebook, the sandwich was called Friday Bânh Mi; though the chef admitted it was a, well, I'll paraphrase, non-Vietnamese take on the dish. I would call it a pork and pork pâté sandwich, and let it go at that.

What was in it, other than the pork? Well, cabbage I'm sure, radishes and carrots for a certainty, cilantro no doubt, possibly some arugula, and something — something that moistened and bound everything, facilitating its descent, you might say. A very substantial thing, and a delicious one.

The chef here, Kelsie Kerr, is authentic. She served honorably as chef at Chez Panisse; she ran Café Rouge just as capably. At this unique takeout she provides honest, evocative, enterprising fare at a manageable price. All you have to do is visit the website, make a phone call, pick it up, and wolf it down.

Standard Fare Kitchen & Pantry, 2701 Eighth Street No, 118, Berkeley, California; 510.356.2261

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