Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another duck

more duck.jpg
Eastside Road, April 29, 2015—
JUST AS I THOUGHT… and, let's be honest, just as I'd hoped. Another dinner on duck.

With the slight difference that this time Cook was away most of the day, so the cooking chores, such as they were, fell to your blogger. Nothing to it: I cut the potatoes into quarters and cooked them an hour or so in a little duck fat from yesterday.

I laid the duck legs — confited, if that's the correct participle, you'll remember — in the pan that had been used yesterday and cooked them slowly, making sure they browned nicely on the outside.

Last thing, I halved a few spring onions and cooked them slowly in… duck fat, of course.

Green salad afterward; then some ice cream with applesauce. A feast.
Petite syrah: Preston of Dry Creek, 2012: fruit, tannin, edge, body, finish.

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