Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hotel Principe, Lisboa, April 9, 2013—
BACELHAU FOR LUNCH, of course: a couple of very light and delicate fritters, I would call them, served with rice with a few beans mixed in, at the very pleasant café in the very impressive Tile Museum here.

For dinner, though, we were taken out to a fancy restaurant by Lisbon cousins of a dear friend back on California. Here, after a pleasant apéritif of white Port, and appetizers of soft white cheese dusted with thyme, oregano, and black pepper and further seasoned with olive oil, we had bacelhau croquettes, three of them apiece, served on individual beds of stewed turnip greens — a delicious combination.

Then an enormous tuna steak, barely poached in olive oil, with lots of thinly sliced garlic, and a tomato concassée with crisp deep-fried parsley. I suppose this is updated traditional Portuguese cuisine. I like it.

Vinho verde, Albarinho, 2012

• Lisboa a noite, Rua das Gáveas 69, Lisbon; 351 213 468 557

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Curtis Faville said...

Going by Chez Pa on my way to Cesar's this afternoon, I surveyed the progress of the rebuild.

The front 6-8 feet of the building has been completely removed, and is now covered in plywood. They were removing dirt in a wheelbarrow. I couldn't tell more. Lots of men moving around without much real activity going on. I couldn't see inside, of course.

Incredible weather today, about 76 degrees, light breeze, cloudless sky.


Charles Shere said...

Thanks for this information. It's been quite frustrating not seeing much news about the restaurant. Sounds like they're digging footings for foundation work at the front of the building where the porches were. I hope progress is more evident before long!