Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The very last of the cassoulet

Eastside Road, December 7, 2011—
YES, I KNOW, I've already told you about the last of last year's cassoulet. Fact is, Lindsey found a little something in the freezer and, thinking it was bean soup, thawed it, and lo and behold.

But there wasn't really enough of it, nor was it (probably: I haven't inquired too closely) in good enough shape, to serve as a main course, even for just the two of us. So she turned it into soup, and it was delicious, and recalled pleasant evenings gone by.

Then on to Franco's sausages — tonight, a fine, redolent cotecchino, which always makes me think of Paolo, so dearly does he love it — and, of course, a green salad, dressed with oil and lemon juice. A simple supper, welcome after yesterday's fast.
Cabernet sauvignon, Hamilton Block (Coonawarra), 2009

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