Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chicken soup

Eastside Road, December 13, 2011—
A TOUGH DAY, beginning with a root canal job and ending with helping friends move. Well, no, thankfully, it didn't end with helping them move, it ended with helping them with Martinis and chicken soup.
Ironically, she'd made the soup for an ailing friend. But said friend was taken off to hospital before the soup could be delivered, so it served as our reward — I'm pretty sure another pot of soup will be in the works by the time friend is discharged from hospital.

After the soup, a nice green salad; before and after the soup, that delicious cheese I mentioned the other day — Joe Matos's St. George, named for the Azores island he's from, and made as it's made there, I'm told. Oh: and a bait of Dreyer's Rocky Road ice cream. A nice supper.
Sauvignon blanc, Geyser Peak, 2010 (grassy, fresh, clean, tasty); Vinho verde, Gazela (characteristic, pleasant, good acid balance); Merlot, Tony and Lorraine Vicini, 2008 (one of the best Merlots I've ever tasted, with the true varietal presence but with body and breeding as well)

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