Saturday, December 24, 2011

A day.

Eastside Road, December 23, 2011—
cereal.jpgI THINK I'VE MENTIONED this before: bog-man cereal. Red wheat, white wheat, oats, barley, in equal parts, all in whole grains. You cover it with water, bring it to a boil, turn off the fire, add a handful of raisins, cover it, let stand overnight.
Next morning you bring it back to a boil, turn off the fire, cover it for a few minutes while you make the coffee, et voilà.

Well, this time it didn't work — for the first time in decades. Reason: only wheat: no barley, no oats. Wheat from a neighbor's farm: perhaps too early harvested. Still, it was delicious.

Lunch was tea and too many delicious cookies — after all, it's Christmas — at a friend's.
Dinner: The rest of yesterday's chicken soup, heightened by the addition of some pesto found in the back of the freezer — I hate to think of what may still be lurking there. End of year thing. Still, it was delicious, and followed by green salad.
Cheap Pinot grigio

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