Monday, December 5, 2011

Cannellini and salmon

Eastside Road, December 5, 2011—
beans salmon.jpgTIME TO BEGIN CLEANING out the garden, getting ready for next year. I picked the last of the cannellini the other day; Lindsey cooked them tonight, with thyme, marjoram, and savory. These herbs are subtle. I thought I detected sage, but it was the savory that had thrown me off. The summer savory, true friend of the bean, is long gone, but Lindsey has a little garden-variety savory tucked away in a border somewhere, and that did the trick, lifting these fresh dried beans very far indeed out of the ordinary.

With them, as you see, broiled salmon, one of the last pieces of the season, from out of the freezer and so a little dry but delicious nonetheless. We dressed it with salt pepper and lime juice, not lemon, as we'd warmed up with guacamole and tequila, and had a little of the lime left.

Green salad, of course; fruit, of course.
Cabernet sauvignon, Hamilton Block (Coonawarra), 2009: serviceable, friendly, screwtop

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