Monday, December 12, 2011

Green salad

Eastside Road, December 12, 2011—
salad.jpgIT'S JUST SO good, the mixed green salad is. Reds and greens, sweets and bitters, softs and brittles: lettuce leaves — and those of a few other herbs sometimes — combine so nicely. I made the usual vinaigrette: a fair-sized clove of garlic, crushed, then mashed with a judicious amount of salt. A generous splash of olive oil to cover the garlic; let stand for ten or fifteen minutes. Then a careful amount of vinegar. These days we're using our own, made from Zinfandel we crushed last year — strong and full of character: I might have diluted it, but, like Bartleby, I prefer not. Oh: that's Acme walnut levain on the side: I love it.
Otherwise it's a fast day, so no wine tonight: water.

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