Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Eastside Road, December 24, 2011—
WE TURNED TO Franco for our vigil supper: a sausage hot enough to be chorizo, I think, sure to keep us awake even through most of that hokiest of musicals The Music Man, a curious choice for Christmas Eve entertainment. (I'm not ready to see It's a Wonderful Life again, thank you; but I'd rather see it twice than ever return to Meredith Willson's excursion.) With the sausage, some red rice from the Camargue, dark and nutty, easily up to Franco's spices; and then the green salad; and as a special treat a slice or two of a very nice light fruitcake from J'amie Patisserie, whose first-rate macaroons and panettone we've found at the Santa Rosa farm market. A quiet evening: we'll feast tomorrow.
Cheap Nero d'Avola
• J'amie Patisserie, 706.767.5027; jamiepatisserieatgmaildotcom

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