Saturday, December 17, 2011


Pasadena, December 16—
WHERE TO EAT tonight, five of us, early, on short notice, on a Friday night, in front of an eight o'clock theater curtain?

We looked at Zagat, and consulted Open Table, and settled on a place not too far away with a curious name and a reputation for good food. I had a sliced grilled hanger steak, rare, flageolets with shallots on the side. 

The steak was covered with a sort of  tomato-modulated reduction, rather nice, and came with a square of gratinéed potatoes. The green beans were a tad undercooked and salty, like the steak, but pleasant enough. Only the casual service detracted from a competent meal out. 

Noir Food and Wine Bar, 40 N Mentor Avenue, Pasadena

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