Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baked potato

Eastside Road, January 7, 2010—
Not many better things than a baked potato, especially a nice fresh local one, even if it has sprouted appendages on either side to make it look like a double ocarina:
Here it is with a couple of slices of cold herb-brined pork, yes, we still have some and it's as delicious as ever. And on one slice, the end of the tomato marmalade Michael made a couple of years ago. It too is as delicious as ever, or was: we finished it tonight.
I split that potato and doused it with olive oil: it needed nothing more, no salt, no pepper, no chives or (Antoine forbid!) sour cream. Green salad.
Cheap Zinfandel, "ForestVille," 2006

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Giovanna said...

I'm with you--a delicious potato is one of the best tastes there is, all earthy...I had potato dumplings last weekend at Gruner (here in Portland)that tasted of nothing but potato, earth, and air.