Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pork chop


Eastside Road, February 2, 2016—
AH, THOSE DELICIOUS pork chops ma façon, as I call them, though Cook assures me the recipe is from Elizabeth David, though she can't recall which book…

You grind up some fennel seeds with some sea salt and a clove of garlic, add some grated lemon zest, and put them on the chops, and so on. The way I do it, I fry the chops in a black iron skillet. I rub edges of the chops on the surface of the cold pan, then sear the chops on one side on high heat. Then I turn them and spread half the fennel-garlic mixture on the glazed, browned surface. When the second side is seared, I turn them again, and put the remaining mixture on that side. I forgot: I drizzle a little olive oil on each side while the chops cook at high heat.

I half-cover the pan with a lid after turning the heat down, and cook until done. Delicious.

With them, as you see, green beans, and some slices of baguette. And dessert!


Cook made a Key lime pie! Graham cracker crust, of course; beautiful little Key limes, a nice soft whipped cream…

Rosé, Château Guilhem (pays d'Hérault), 2014

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