Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lamb chops

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Eastside Road, February 10, 2016—

NOW AND THEN — I'll confess it — we find ourselves in a supermarket. A vaguely upscale one, politically correct in a sense, but still a supermarket. So it was two days ago, when Cook was looking for something supermarkety.

And who should be there handing out samples but a charming young woman from New Zealand. The samples were of grilled lamb, and lamb is not a meat I easily resist. The chops were on sale, and furthermore she offered a four-dollar-off coupon. Who could resist?

I salted them a bit before cooking time, and then Cook simply broiled them in the gas range. With them she served another variation of a stamppot : this time English peas as well as the potatoes and kale. Delicious. The lamb was frozen, of course, but young, deep-flavored, and meaty.

Green salad afterward, and a tangerine.

The rest of the cheap Paso Robles Zinfandel

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