Monday, February 29, 2016

Pannekoeken! Teacake!

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February 27, 2016—

I TEDIOUSLY MAKE a big holier-than-thou thing here, now and then, about not eating commercially prepared foods. Don't eat anything that comes in a box, I sententiously state.

But we do make exceptions. Now and then we (and I mean Cook) will buy a box. Often as not it'll find a spot on a pantry shelf and be forgotten for a while, sometimes a long while.

A couple of days ago Cook emerged from the pantry with a couple of boxed mixes, of all things. Well, it was excusable: these were bought years ago at that Dutch imports store in Beaverton, outside of Portland, on one of our nostalgic trips there for zout-lakris, snoepjes, netelkaas and the like.

Here on the left was the first result: a delicious Dutch teacake, a cross between a sand cake, I think, and a gateau basquaise. It was delicious the first day we had it, Friday afternoon at tea; and just as good today, when we polished it off after lunch. I wish I had another box.

Then today Cook made pannenkoek for breakfast — from another mix. She was curious to see its color: yes, slightly yellow; clearly some buckwheat in the mix. She dearly loves buckwheat. I find one hundred percent buckwheat pancakes too flannelly, but then I don't drown them in maple syrup, as some folks around here do.

Dutch pannekoeken, however, have just the right amount of buckwheat flour mixed in with the wheat. We resisted the package's suggestion to put a few tomato slices on the pancake before turning it; no need to run away with authenticity. We had just one apiece, at breakfast; there's plenty of batter left, and we'll have a nice Dutch supper tomorrow…

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