Monday, February 29, 2016


Eastside Road, February 29, 2016—
YES, LIKE MOST Americans, we do have a hamburger every now and then. I think I mentioned four or five last year, of which the best was no doubt on March 9, at Zuni in San Francisco. There were a couple at Brody's, in Santa Rosa, and one In-n-outburger.

But the one you see here was as good as any of them. I'm not sure where the ground beef was from; Cook bought it at the local mostly organic grocery store. She simply broiled it in the oven, and warmed up some commercial sesame-seed buns. Mustard, sliced onion, dill pickle, relish.

Green salad afterward.

Rosé, Gaussac, Domaine Guilhem, 2014

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