Friday, February 5, 2016

Piazza D'Angelo

Mill Valley, February 4, 2015—

LUNCH FORTY MILES south today at an Italian local in this Berkeley of Marin County — a birthday lunch for an old friend, organized by another; nine at table, and we ordered individually from the menu. I had a Caesarish salad to start, never a really good idea in an Italian restaurant, though in the event it was perfectly acceptable.

Afterward, these cappellati di zucco, because I plan to make some for dinner tomorrow, and wanted to get an idea of how I might proceed. The hat-shapped pasta is filled with pumpkin purée, and I think I will flavor mine a little more, with nutmeg and perhaps a bit of lemon zest. The sage leaves were a good idea, though, and the tomato sauce brought needed acidic point to the dish.

Piazza D'Angelo Ristorante, 22 Miller avenue, Mill Valley, California; 415-388-2000

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