Friday, April 1, 2011

Grapevine, California, April 1, 2011—
APRIL FOOL! Well, not really. It's not just because I like to type all those X's. It's because we're on the road, we're nearing Southern California; Mexican's about the only reliable way to go much of the time.

We've little choice tonight. I like the Ramada Inn in Grapevine, but there's only one place to eat once you've excluded Denny's, MacDonalds, and the like. So there we went, and I had a small fairly decent Martini, and then tucked into a big bowl of guacamole (served in a bowl made of a soft corn tortilla), and then the steak ranchero: the usual rice and beans, but with them a ramekin filled with braised beef chunks, onion, bell pepper, and the like, in a nice thick gloppy brown sauce.

Everything was cheesed up, of course; even the guacamole. But it was okay. More cowboy cooking, Californio style.
House Cabernet sauvignon
Don Perico Restaurant, 9021 Grapevine Road West, Lebec, California; (661) 248-6903

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