Saturday, April 23, 2011


Glendale, April 23, 2011—
PRINCIPAL MEAL TODAY: brunch. Well, I made lunch of it, not really liking brunch that much, as a meal; we'd already had breakfast, cappuccinos and a croissant. Lunch, then, at a place we like down here: beef-brisket hash, with little diced potatoes and nice shredded beef, and a couple of poached eggs on top because, let's face it, it was on the brunch menu. So for dinner, nothing needed but a Caesar salad, not terribly good because ordered in the hotel restaurant, and innocent of anchovies and garlic, and adorned with irrelevant grated carrot.
With the hash, a Ramos fizz; with the salad, a Martini
Campanile, 624 South La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles; (323) 938-1447

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