Wednesday, April 27, 2011

En suite

Pasadena, April 27, 2011—
I'D THOUGHT OF fasting today, but yesterday's two-hour hike, and today's three-mile stroll, made us a little hungry. Economy and boredom kept us from going to yet another restaurant, though: we bought packaged salads at Gelson's instead -- mine a Wolfgang Puck "Caesar salad," no less -- and made do in the hotel room. A head of okay romaine, a little tub of some kind of dressing with not too many chemicals listed among its ingredients, a littler tub of grated "Parmesan" cheese (not terribly good), an insufficient number of croutons in a little plastic envelope. With a banana and part of a chocolate bar, it sufficed.

Torrontés, Astica, Cuyo Valley (Argentina), 2009

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