Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chez des amis

Ojai, April 26, 2011—
YOU SPEND HOURS AND DOLLARS in restaurants, great and routine, and then you have dinner in a friend's house, and everything locks into place: ingredients, technique, personal history, conversation, caring, new acquaintance perhaps — all the things that really count: the things without which an evening at table is merely feeding.

Tonight we are with friends in their house, the first dinner not in a commercial space — not that they do not have a legitimate role! — for nearly a week. We had guacamole, and nuts, and farfalle in tomato and porcini sauce, and grilled sausages, and artichokes; and if I've forgotten anything, it's because of the
tequila and Hinano beer, and some leftover Zinfandel.
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