Monday, December 13, 2010

Penne, red sauce

Eastside Road, December 13, 2010 —
QUITE A WHILE SINCE we last had penne in tomato sauce, no? Let's see: August 23: but then it was with fresh cherry tomatoes. I think it may be last winter Lindsey last cooked a tomato sauce… or I'm absolutely terrible with either searches or tagging, and that's certainly the case. Anyhow, she browned onions and later a little garlic, I think, in olive oil, then added a can of tomatoes — the contents of a can of tomatoes, I mean, pace, James Thurber — and let it simmer while the whole-wheat penne cooked. Before, guacamole; after, green salad.
Tempranillo, La Granja 360(Cariñena), 2009

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