Saturday, December 18, 2010

Beans and barley

Eastside Road, December 17, 2010 —
#alttext#MAKES A NICE SOUP, it does, this combination; deep, substantial, and very satisfying on a cold rainy night, winter well on its way. Lindsey found the recipe on a website called Cooking Light; I don't know how she found the website. She had no parsley, so omitted it — that's winter for you! — and substituted fennel, which she had, for celery, which she didn't. Floated toast atop the soup, with grated Parmesan on it. We had the regulation green salad afterward.
Côtes du Ventoux (did I write "Lubéron" the other day?), "La Ferme Julien," 2009

C'est pas possible dîner sans la soupe!

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