Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fast again

Eastside Road, December 14, 2010—
SO FAR, THIS IS easier than I thought it would be.
Two caffelattes for breakfast: a little over a cup of nonfat milk, that's about 100 calories.
A couple of dried apricots for lunch: another 40.
Maybe 2 ounces of cashews and almonds at teatime: say 60
A baked potato with a few drops of olive oil, about 180
A cup of romanesco, another 35 or so;
Total, a little over 400 calories! I'll probably celebrate with a banana (another 100 calories) before bedtime…
Cool water; hot tea (0)

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Curtis Faville said...

When I was seriously dieting back in the 1970's, I held myself to less than 600 calories a day, while exercising briskly for an hour a day.

I was able to stay at about 178 with that regimen, but the instant I ate any more, my weight would just jump 5-8 pounds in a single day.

Today, I weigh about 265 and dream of my misspend youth. Did my sex life or my marriage improve under that old regime? Not one whit.