Monday, December 27, 2010

Flank steak

Eastside Road, December 27—
COMPANY TO DINNER; what shall we eat? How about flank steak?

As soon as we got them home I salted them on both sides and put them back in the refrigerator, loosely wrapped.

I made the usual salad dressing and when guests arrived we had Martinis while we thought about the next step. Lindsey had prepped carrots and leeks, and had begun the sautéed-steamed potatoes the way she does them — the way her mother did, all those years ago.

Then I put the steaks, flat, on the hot griddle. I peppered them and squeezed a bit of lemonjuice on them and a little olive oil, then after three or four minutes turned them, treating the other side the same. When done, I cut them into strips and served them, a little more lemon juice and oil on top.

Afterward, the green salad, then Mace cake, with a teeny drop of brandy. It's Christmas week, after all. Delicious.
Zinfandel, ForestVille ("Sonoma and Napa") , 2006

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