Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tuna sandwich

Eastside Road, April 18, 2010—
THERE ARE THOSE WHO call it "tuna salad sandwich," I've never understood why. Well, Wikipedia has an answer, of course; it's filed in Categories: Salads | Fish dishes | Sandwiches | Cuisine stubs. It's a little crooked: the eggs mentioned as omitted in the second paragraph aren't mentioned in the first paragraph — that's the subject of a certain amount of discussion, always fun to snoop in at Wikipedia.

In any case, Lindsey generally mashes a can of tuna* with some mayonnaise, chopped raw onion, and capers; that's the way we like it. Tonight it got quite a lift from a copious layer of raw wild arugula between the two slices of Como bread. It's a nice sandwich.
Blanc d'Alsace, "Now & Zen," 2007
*We've been using "Sacred Sea" brand albacore; it's delicious, and seems to be politically correct: read about it here.

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