Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mangiare in bianco

Eastside Road, April 13, 2010—
WHITE PASTA; WHITE CAULIFLOWER; white garlic, white bread. We're eating en blanc, but it's not because we're under the weather: we've never felt better, either of us. It's a whim, perhaps. Lindsey toasted some bread crumbs lightly; cooked the penne in the usual way, lightly sautéed the caulflower pieces with crushed garlic, then tossed it all together. I like the varying crunchinesses, the different bite of the pasta and the cauliflower, the aromas of caulflower and garlic not mixing so much as whirling round one another.
Cheap Nero d'Avola


lshere said...

Not white pasta but whole wheat, anchovies, pickled onion (because I had no capers) and quite a bit of chopped parsley from the garden too.

Memory's not so good.

Charles Shere said...

Now, now…