Friday, April 2, 2010

Le Patissier

Corvallis, Oregon, April 2, 2010—
LUNCH WITH BHISHMA in a place I'm glad to see: Le Patissier. We first met this fellow — the patissier, I mean — here in Corvallis a few years ago when he had a little shop in a strip mall — well, a parking lot. Then he lost the space and, as far as we were concerned, pretty much dropped out of sight.

A couple of years ago, though, he reopened — a much larger, airier place in a mall on the other side of town. Bhishma tells me the patissier, Didier, settled here in Corvallis because after looking up and down the Pacific coast this area was the most like the part of France he'd come from. Where could that be, I wonder: somewhere in the Centre, I imagine.

In any case, I had a quiche-Lorraine with a green salad — a perfect, classic quiche, flaky and buttery, the filling nicely set, not at all dry; a good mustard vinaigrette on the greens. With it, a fresh cool soft vin blanc.

Dinner at Giovanna's: fusilli with a simple, tasty parsley dressing.
  • Le Patissier, 370 Southwest Western Boulevard, Corvallis, Oregon; tel. (541) 752-1785
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