Monday, April 5, 2010

Coffee, leftovers, drinks

Portland, April 5, 2010—
BUT THE LUNCH WAS delicious: simply a couple of pieces of bread, slightly sourdough, a boule we'd bought Friday at Le Patissier in Corvallis, half toasted — toasted only slightly, I mean — and then one of them drizzled with good olive oil, and between them a good many very think slices of Genoa dry salami, and an apple.
Rocaberdi (Catalunya), 2008
Coffee at Coffeehouse Five, named after Vonnegut, I don't know why: I had the Big Truck roast from Olympia Coffee Roasters as an espresso, nicely thick and chocolaty, perhaps the best espresso of the trip so far. Dinner at home — leftovers
Picpoul de Pinet, "Reine Juliette" (Languedoc), 2008 —
and then out to Huber's for a drink (earned, after watching a perfectly dreadful Cubs loss to Atlanta): "Spanish coffee" for everyone but me, poured and flamed very theatrically; a simple Calvados Toddy for me, with fresh orange and lemon slices muddled with honey, topped with Calvados and some hot water. I like Huber's,
a capacious, dimly lit, relatively quiet bruincafé sort of a place.

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