Thursday, April 8, 2010

Caffe Allora; polenta and eggs

Portland, April 8, 2010—

LUNCH TODAY at Cafe Allora, again in the Pearl district. It compares easily to yesterday's Piazza Italia: both opened a few years back, neither has changed much, both are comfortable and dependable. I had a classic salad: tuna, cannellini, onions, arugula.
Chardonnay della casa

DINNER AT HOME: an improvisation. Joe had brought us some especially good eggs yesterday, so we cooked a lasagna pan of polenta In the oven; I strew a double handful or two of grated Parmesan and Pecorino on top of it (with an inch or so of the end os a dry salami, minced very thin), then covered the whole thing with arugula leaves.

I used a big spoon to push six depressions in the surface, broke an egg into each, covered the whole with hot tomato-and-onion sauce, and returned the dish to the hot oven for a few minutes. I served it strewn with a little more arugula, very finely chopped.

Guilhem, Moulin de Gassac (Herault), 2008

  • Caffe Allora, 504 Northwest 9th Avenue, Portland; tel. 503.445.4612
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