Thursday, March 25, 2010


Eastside Road, March 25, 2010—
YOU CAN'T REALLY CALL IT dining. "Eating" is too — basic. I guess we've been grazing today. It started with breakfast: not the usual two bowls of caffelatte and a piece of toast with honey or jam, but two eggs, fried in lard and dressed with the pork "rillettes" I made a few weeks back; a glass of orange juice; a piece of dry toast.
Lunch: almond butter on a piece of toast; a banana; a glass of milk.
Dinner, ah, now there's the thing. We began with guacamole ma façon with tortilla chips (and the routine shot of tequila and lime juice); went on to a baked potato dressed with salt and olive oil; and ended with a plate of chard from the garden, steamed with a tiny bit of the rillettes that had begun the day. So everything comes round full circle; the day's a work of art.
Cheap Pinot grigio

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