Saturday, May 31, 2008

Petrale again

Petrale sole; baked potato; favas; green salad; Black Tartarian cherries


SATURDAY IS MARKET DAY in Healdsburg, as I probably mentioned a week ago, and we eat from the market that day. The sole was cooked much as it was last week, and was as delicious, subtle, actually fragrant (I write of the cooked dish, not the raw fish) as it was then. I like my baked potato with olive oil, not butter, and good sea salt and Tellicherry black pepper. The favas were cooked in a little butter and salt, with chopped sweet onion and a little mint from the steps to the garden — we don't know what kind of mint it is, but we like it.

Black Tartarians. When I was a boy they were the first to ripen, and I'd spend two or three afternoons in the trees, eating cherries. They're still my favorite sweet cherry.

Cheap pinot grigio: and, afterward,
gnole I made a few years ago by steeping sour-cherry pits in Everclear.

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