Saturday, May 3, 2008

First of the season

and yet it was simply: tomato-red pepper soup; fourme d'Ambert; green salad


THE HEALDSBURG FARMER'S MARKET FINALLY OPENED this morning: an event we look forward to for many months; ever since Thanksgiving. There are other farm markets hereabouts: the one in Santa Rosa, for example, is said to be open year 'round. But we are loyal to our own, and happy to find it open once again.
I'm sorry the photo isn't better. You see lettuce from the Kiffs; Spring onions from Burt and Mary; ramps and leeks from Nancy Skall. There were other things too, but they're out of sight.

And yet: for lunch, the customary fruit: apple, banana, tangerine. For dinner, since I'd been driving two or three hours, and it was late (especially after the Martini), Lindsey had fixed: soup from Trader Joe (not bad, and organic, or said to be); a fourme d'Ambert we'd brought back from Portland (gosh it is good); a baguette (really a batard) from Downtown Bakery & Creamery; and the usual green salad. Alas I overdressed it tonight: the Kiff's lettuce is so soft and tender, and my vinegar so assertive... but what can you do...

Louis Preston Cinsault. Why not?

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