Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hot dog

Frankfurter, bun, onion, dill pickle, mustard


ONE OF THE IDEAS of this blog is that after a year the Hundred Great Dishes will have emerged, the hundred items, whether entrées (plats principaux) or hors d'oeuvres or even desserts will turn out to be the things without which civilized dining will not be thinkable. Well, maybe it'll take more than a year.

Surely the Hot Dog will be among them. It is perhaps the one quintessential American main course, drawing, of course, as do all things American, on sources behind and beyond and beneath our national consciousness.

In any case the Cubs were on television tonight, playing the hapless Dodgers, and one doesn't like to watch a ball game, even on television, without the appropriate meal. So: Frankfurter from Niman-Schell (beef, sustainable one assumes); bun from Healdsburg's Downtown Bakery & Creamery (soft, made with milk in the dough, tasting of milk, wheat, and yeast); a sweet onion from the Farm Market; dill pickle from a delicatessen; Maille old style Dijon mustard.

Broil; toast; spread; eat.

Preston Vineyards Carignane 2005

Oh: Cubs, 3-1.

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