Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ahi salad

Ahi, lettuces, carrot, cucumber, onion, olives; wasabi vinaigrette

Red Car Brewery: 1266 Sartori Ave., Torrance, CA; tel. 310.782.0222


WE WERE IN TORRANCE to see an exhibition of photographs by a friend, Jim Farber, at the Torrance Art Museum: he met us there to discuss them with us (and a splendid show they made, by the way), and then it was time for lunch. Idea #1: The Depot, said to be really quite a good place -- but closed at 2 pm, and it was three minutes past.

Not far away we noticed the Red Car Brewery. We never eat enough fish -- one of the few things I miss from Berkeley is Monterey Fish: there just isn't anything like it in our neighborhood. But here was ahi on the menu, and in a salad, and with wasabi. Sounded good, and wasn't bad.

Sorry about the photo.

Zabaco Sauvignon blanc

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