Thursday, October 20, 2016

Two uitsmijters


En route, October 20, 2016—

WRITE IN the airplane, a comfortable Airbus 330; in eight hours or so we'll land at San Francisco where this post and the previous will take their flights into cyberspace. 

A day in the air rarely provides much material for this blog, but we managed to schedule this flight better than usual. We were able to breakfast at Schiphol Airport, where continuing last night's theme we ate echte Nederlands

My companion had a pannekoek nature, with butter and stroop, that sticky light molasses that mediates Lyle's Golden and blackstrap. The pancake seemed on the thin side to me, more like a crêpe, but I didn't hear any complaints. 

I'd planned on a pannekoek too, but was seduced by the promise of an uitsmijter, the Dutch openfaced sandwich involving bread (preferably brown), ham, cheese, and a couple of fried eggs. The eggs must be sunny side up, and the yolks runny. A leaf of lettuce doesn't hurt. 

It was airport food, but it was cooked to order, substantial, and satisfactory. 

Orange juice; cappuccino (Douwe en Egberts, could be better)

Dutch-Delicious, Schiphol Airport, Netherlands

FEW HOURS LATER we were in Keflavik Airport in Iceland, and it was time to think about lunch, for our cut-rate airline doesn't give us a meal. 

Iceland's expensive, but we splurged on open-faced sandwiches, shrimp and hard-boiled egg for the Contessa, gravlax and garnish for me, with honey-mustard sauce on the side. 

An Icelandic version of the uitsmijter, I reflected, as I tucked into it…

White wine, Sicily, 2014

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