Monday, October 31, 2016

Second chile, with peppers

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Eastside Road, October 30, 2016—

WE HAD THE CHILE again tonight, better as is its custom for the additional day of flavor-steeping. (And better for being consumed while watching a particularly interesting game, this time with a favorable outcome.)

Afterward, as contorni — the Italian custom of serving vegetables as a side dish — two beautiful peppers I couldn't resist at yesterday's farm market, a red one and a yellow. I roasted them a bit, peeled them a bit, split and seeded them, and sautéed them in olive oil, along with sliced onion — cipollini I'd found at the local organic-grocery store. Local cipollini are hard to find, and these weren't the best, but they were good.

Green salad, of course.

Cheap red wine

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