Monday, October 31, 2016

Hamburger and baseball

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Eastside Road, October 28, 2016—
THE CHICAGO CUBS are in the World Series, and this impacts our dining. We watched the first game of the home series tonight, with an appropriate all-American meal: a hamburger and a beer. As it turned out this was not enough to end the famous curse: we should have had goat stew.

But it was a classic hamburger, with a slice of raw onion, a thick slice of juicy tomato, and a leaf of sweet substantial lettuce. I'm not sure broccolini belongs on the side, but Cook will insist on her cruciferous vegetable. And the raw carrot was fine.

Perhaps we lost because of the beer. I don't drink beer often enough to have developed any kind of authority in the matter. I'm not fond of the usual American beer, but I do like pale lagers. I drink a cheap import, made in Germany by a Dutch company (Breda, I suspect).

Dessert: Strawberries and ice cream. The meal ended sweet though the game did not. IMG 2780

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