Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Play ball!

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Eastside Road, October 24, 2016—

THE CONTESSA WAS BORN, though you would not know it from her title, in Chicago. On the South Side, in fact: but that does not interfere with her baseball enthusiasms. I think as one must choose between Fitzgerald and Hemingway, wine and beer, Mozart and Beethoven, Vermeer and Rembrandt, so one chooses between the National League and the American. My Companion and I are well matched: she is loyal to Wrigley Field.

And tonight we watch our Cubs win the National League championship. In fact it happened Saturday night, but we wanted to watch the game a second time, more closely, so we recorded it to watch tonight.

With baseball one eats hot dogs, of course. It's the American Way. These were Niman Ranch dogs, cooked under the broiler. The buns are treated to mustard, pickle relish, chopped raw onion, and sauerkraut.

Cheap red wine (Estrella, California)

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