Monday, October 3, 2016

Another ordinary trattoria


Pinerolo, October 3, 2016— 

LUNCH TODAY back where we dined last night because, well, why not? It would be closed today for dinner, so why not lunch there? 

We split the antipasto; I had gnocchi with tomato sauce. Store-bought gnocchi, to be sure, but decent.

I asked the cook where to eat tonight. Eataly, in Pinerolo? She made that pull-at-your-chin-with-cupped-hands gesture that signifiies, in Italy, well, it's a little above itself, and I quickly got the point. Veramente noi siamo il miglior, she said; to tell the truth we're the best. Can't help you.

We wound up at a trattoria recommended by the host of our B&B, confirmed by various reviews online as ordinary, simple, dependable, really very good.

We opened, our Dutch friends and ourselves, by splitting trays of antipasti (photo above): salame, ham, lardo, vitello tonnato, eggplant, tiny cross-sections of curled-up omelet, Russian salad, mashed-potato croquette, arugula. 


Most of us went on to ceci-fagioli soup, in a pork broth with lots of pasta floating in it. Hearty and savory.

Most of us then went on to arrosto del forno, thin slices of roast veal, with french fries.

My companion and I each had bonet for dessert, one of the best I've had, suave and tender in the mouth, with a fine balance of chocolate and hazelnut.

White and red wines in carafe 

Trattoria Rosa Bianca, Via Stefano Fer 42, Pinerolo (TO); +39 0121 75003

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