Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hunter style


Schiphol, October 19, 2016—

A FASCINATING TOUR of Europoort ended at sunset with a beer in a hunters' restaurant, so gezellig that we all decided to stay for dinner. 

It turned out to be a traditional Dutch meal, of the sort we haven't seen in a restaurant for years, since we were walking the Pieterpad. Meat, potatoes, vegetables, sla. 

From the limited menu I ordered entrecôte, rare. It came naked on a plate, garnished with a couple of thin half-slices of orange slices, a grape split in half, a wedge of tomato, a few parsley leaflets, and a sphere of red mousse-like substance I first feared to be beet but turned out to be made instead of sun-dried tomato. 


Soon the rest arrived, served family-style in bowls: rich brown gravy, French fried and rosti potatoes, carrots, greens, cole slaw. 

It was all quite tasty. There was more than we could eat, of course, and I for one skipped dessert. 

A glass of red wine

Restaurant Schietbaan, Krabbeweg 125, Rotterdam-Maasvlakte, Netherlands; +31 (0)6 53125343

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