Wednesday, August 31, 2016


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Eastside Road, August 30, 2016—
SINCE THE LONG WALK in July I haven't felt the need or desire to fast on Tuesdays. I lost about ten pounds on that walk, maybe more, and haven't yet got more than five of them back, not even after the Crawfish Boil two days ago. So we dined again today. Lunched, too, for that matter.

Lunch is on the frugal side — today, a couple of pieces of toast spread with rillettes (okay, okay, maybe not all that frugal), a glass of orange juice, a pear and an apple, a piece of dark chocolate.

Dinner: hominy, a staple hereabouts. I'm sure I've written about the hominy of my childhood, which came in a can and was simply boiled in water until it began to burn. We dressed it at the table with Gebhardt's chile powder and Schilling's garlic salt. How far I've come!

Tonight's hominy had also been released from a can, but it was cooked with browned chopped onion, a little bit of garlic, and slices of Franco's sausage, and dressed with lemon juice, as you see, and chopped cilantro. A delicious dish: you should give it a try.

Green salad afterward, bien sûr…

Cheap Nero d'Avola

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