Friday, September 2, 2016

Salmon from the grill

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Eastside Road, August 31, 2016—

TOO HOT TO COOK much in the house today, so I built a little fire on the grill outside and cooked salmon à la Hachisu. Cook put a bit of butter on top of two salmon steaks, moistened them with a little vodka, arranged small leeks on top, and sealed them up tight in aluminum foil.

I put the packages on the grill over the fire after it had burned mostly down, and in a few minutes they were done.

In the meantime Cook had her way with a few potatoes, slicing them and cooking them with salt, rosemary, and garlic, in a little olive oil, in the black iron skillet. (I really should make a keyboard shortcut for "black iron skillet.")

Some chopped broccoli, fairly long-braised. Sliced tomatoes. Green salad afterward, and then cheese: Marin French's truffled triple-crème. Excellent.

Cheap Pinot grigio
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